Westie Tails-Meet Two Little Westies


Cindy Hollingsworth has crafted a lively, sweet poem about her two loyal, dependable companions named Watson and Bill. They are her West Highland white terriers and have been her favorite friends for years. She has included ways that faithful canine companions can provide comfort and unconditional love and will always be there for their owners. As Cindy wrote, their “personality, love, and devotion rank at the very top.” Underlying this enchanting rhyming text are gentle reminders of the ways that responsible pet owners provide for and take care of their pets. You’ll see dogs you have known in the charming artwork that enhances Cindy’s tale, and you just might have a good laugh or two.

Westie Tails—Meet Two Little Westies has won the 2016 Maxwell Medallion in the Children’s Books category of the Dog Writers Association of America.