Westie Tails-The Great Possum War

by Cindy W Hollingsworth, Jennifer Tipton Cappoen

Cindy Hollingsworth’s two West Highland white terriers have been her loyal, dependable companions for years. In this exciting, lively poem, Watson and Bill ended a busy day with their owner by doing battle on their deck with a possum that has dared to encroach on their territory. Their escapades with the possum that was eating seed from the birds’ feeder led to some heroic moves by their owner. She did her best to keep both the dogs and the possum safe. You’ll enjoy the action, the suspense, and the thrills as the Westie warriors defend their territory from the invader. Will the possum and the two Westies avoid getting bitten on their noses? You’ll have to read this book to find out how the battle ends.