Tippaley Toe

Children will delight in Ms. Hollingsworth’s fictional telling of a French Mouse and the little girl that loves to watch his dancing comical antics within her home, even dodging the young girl’s big fat sassy cat!

The dapper, charming mouse named Tippaley Toe will entrance readers with his lively, acrobatic dances. His red vest, bow tie, spats, and French chapeau create the fashionable look of a true performer. The girl for whom he performs takes delight in his every move, so Tippaley entertains her by dancing, scurrying, and scampering all around. She giggles as he taps his feet and twirls his whiskers. Though she hates to see his show come to an end at bedtime, she knows she’ll see Tippaley Toe again the next day. Readers will be tapping their toes along with the lighthearted, rhyming cadence of the text. They’ll be clamoring to read about Tippaley Toe’s antics again and again.