Anna’s Ballet Costume

The rhyming text in this story sparkles with Anna’s excitement and anticipation about her special ballet costume. She envisions its soft pink net, puffy bow, lace, and glittering sequins. She can hardly wait to see it.

Throughout this charming tale is woven a happy tune about Anna’s shimmering costume that runs through Anna’s head day and night.

As she whirls and twirls in her sparkly costume at her performance, Anna creates dance memories that will last. She’ll make you want to get up and dance along with her. Young dancers will be sure to love this book.

Cindy W. Hollingsworth’s latest book, “Anna’s Ballet Costume” appeals to the little ballerina in all of us.  Tutus and sequins call to the girl in us and make dance seem so very special — and it is!!  Cindy’s rhymes and illustrations are the perfect complement to this delightful and colorful tale.

Everyone  of the books in Cindy W. Hollingsworth’s growing library of children’s classics books should be in your own personal library.  Each book should be read over and over again until your child can read them for themselves and delight in this Renaissance Woman’s magical world.

Cindy, keep the fabulous stories coming!!!
Meg Henderson Wade

"Confessions of a Southern Baby Boomer"