A Teddy for Freddie


Sarah missed her “bestest” friend Freddie who wasn’t in class for days. She and Freddie liked to create wild, crazy, colorful animal pictures in art class. But Freddie wasn’t in class.

Sarah asked their teacher about Freddie. Her teacher knew how much Sarah missed him. Later Sarah talked with her mom about Freddie.

The next week, Freddie still wasn’t back in school. Sarah was getting more unhappy. The teacher told the class that Freddie was in the hospital and might not return for awhile. She had students make get-well cards to make Freddie feel better.

Sarah told her mom the news, and her mom told her they’d visit Freddie in the hospital. The next day, Sarah made a special card for Freddie.

All the other students’ cards were delivered to Freddie in the hospital. Sarah and her mom visited him there, and Sarah gave him her creative, colorful card herself.  

This book is sure to make readers think about their bestest friends too.