By Cindy W. Hollingsworth


Twig’s Christmas Dream

Twig is a small Christmas tree in a lot filled with larger trees. The larger trees are standing at the front of the light under the lights. Little Twig is alone in the back in the dark by a shed. He’s afraid he’ll never have that Christmas-tree look.

One cold night Twig’s tears freeze to his branches. A mother notices his sparkling branches and calls to her son. Johnny is thrilled that she has found Twig, his perfect Christmas tree

Tommy’s Trains 

Tommy loved trains and the sounds trains made. He played with his toy train: a red engine, boxcars, fuel car, flat car, passenger car, and yellow caboose.

Tommy’s parents surprised him with a ride on a real train! They rode the historic train and heard all the train’s noises. From big, wide seats, they watched the big train wheels turn around, passed forests and hills, chugged upward slowly, and flew down fast. They saw many toy trains in the store afterward.

Tommy would never forget that train ride! Neither will you.

Best Selling Author

Cindy Hollingsworth

Cindy W. Hollingsworth is a young readers children’s author. She loves bringing colorful stories to her readers within an age range of 2-11.   The young readers will love the visual presentations as they listen to a parent or grandparent read the
delightful rhyming stories.  The older reader will enjoy the exciting and varied stories plus the fact that they are able to show off their reading skills to an older friend, relative, or parent.

Thomas Stuart Town Cat

Thomas Stuart is a formerly feral cat that found his way to Stuart, Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There he was noticed by Erica and Stephanie who work in Attorney Christopher A. Corbett’s law office in downtown Stuart. The Law Trio welcomed Thomas into their office with open arms. The striped tabby enjoys lying on the legal papers, playing with his toys and sprawling in a variety of positions in his hammock bed from which he eyes clients in whom he takes an interest, and entertaining everyone with his antics. Each day Thomas strolls to a variety of businesses in Stuart for extra chin rubs and back scratches.

He’s well loved by the citizens of the town. In Thomas’s book, the author Cindy W. Hollingsworth has included delightful poems throughout the story that detail Thomas’s adventures. Indeed the stars aligned perfectly to bring Thomas to Stuart, Virginia, to The Law Trio and the town folk there who love him. “Yes indeed, the tabby has been one lucky cat. Or was it the citizens of the town of Stuart who were lucky?”

By Cindy Hollingsworth


Anna’s Ballet Costume

Cindy’s book called “Anna’s Ballet Costume” is a lively, joyous account of a little ballerina who is oh so very impatiently waiting for the delivery of her sparkly ballet costume that she’ll don for a special performance. Her costume is everything she’s dreamed of: pink soft net, a puffy bow, tiny round sequins, and a lace top. Perfect!

By Cindy Hollingsworth


A TEDDY for Freddie

Sarah missed her “bestest” friend Freddie who wasn’t in class for days. She and Freddie liked to create wild, crazy, colorful animal pictures in art class. But Freddie wasn’t in class. 

Other Books

Herman the Hermit Crab – A Reel Delhima

The rugged, old fisherman named Mr. G loved the beach, the surf, the breezes, and the sunsets and sunrises at Oak Island. What he most loved was to set up his fishing gear and bask in the calm and grace of fishing. He liked to walk along the beach and look for seashells, especially in the “puffs of white foam…stretched out on the sand.”

Herman the Hermit Crab

“ HERMAN THE HERMIT CRAB “is a true, whimsical story of one of Ms. Hollingsworth’s beach journeys helping a small and “naked” Herman find a new shell home. Whether Herman decides to move in the shell will leave the small reader giggling in anticipation.

Rainbow Silk

At the start of Cindy’s rhyming tale, the drifting Rainbow Silk asked the little girl to come out to play. They ran, jumped, and laughed. Rainbow Silk’s pink, yellow, green, and blue sparkled and glistened.

 As the two raced and shouted, the girl realized she’d made a new friend.

Westie Tails
The Great Possum War

“Meet Two Little Westies and “The Great Possum War” follow the true, exciting stories of her two fun-loving Westie companions Billy and Watson.


Westie Tails
The Great Possum War

“Meet Two Little Westies and “The Great Possum War” follow the true, exciting stories of her two fun-loving Westie companions Billy and Watson.



Children will delight in Ms Hollingsworth’s fictional telling of a French Mouse and the little girl that loves to watch his dancing comical antics within her home , even dodging the young girl’s big fat sassy cat!